Rare and Classic Microscopes and Microscopy Equipment are made available for auction on this website.
All prices include VAT where applicable, all auction items are serviced prior to listing.

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Welcome to Microscope Auctions

Brunel Microscopes Ltd has an established outlet for used microscopes and accessories at http://www.usedmicroscopes.co.uk/. Our Microscope Auctions website does not replace this service, but augments it. Over the years that we have been selling used instruments we have established a considerable list of microscopy professionals and enthusiasts that have used this resource to add to their equipment inventories and collections. We are often asked by regular customers to reserve particular models or items, and have always endeavoured to do this. However we now have such a large database of "regulars" it is now impossible to do this fairly.

Items that we know are sought after will from time to time be offered through this specialist auction site which will make it fair to everyone. The majority of our used equipment will still be offered through our used web site as it has been in the past. If your email address is already part of our "used microscope" list you will be informed by email whenever items are about to be offered for auction. Alternatively you can sign up for both the microscope auctions and the used web site by providing your email address in the box on the left of this page.

If you would like to take part in any of the auctions just place a bid based on the price that you would be prepared to pay. As you watch things progress you can of course change this figure. Click on the link "How this site works" for the full details

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